"Let's face it; no kid in high school feels as though they fit in." - Stephen King

If you describe high school as "the best four years of my life," skip this episode, it's not for you.

For most of us, high school was an interminable slog of waiting for our lives to begin.  The uncertainty... the acne... the Algebra II.  No, thanks.  Even though few of us relished the experience, those times are something we'll never forget.  

But, why?  

Join Chicago media personality Gina B. and New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster as they recount the best--and worst--of their high school years, and explain the factors at work that keep those memories so damn indelible.

Is this episode better than a wedgie from a bully?  

Hell, yeah!  

Better than pizza day in the cafeteria?

That's debatable.


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