In the words of the world renowned philosopher DJ Lee Farmer: "Love is all you need... but hate'll get you through." Nothing motivates us more than wh...View Details

"Let's face it; no kid in high school feels as though they fit in." - Stephen King If you describe high school as "the best four years of my life," sk...View Details

Is the idea of Prince Charming riding up on a white horse to rescue the damsel in distress terribly romantic? Yes. Is the idea of Prince Charming ridi...View Details

"Two weeks." Those were the words that nearly pushed Tom Hanks's character over the edge in the movie The Money Pit.  Until your hosts underwent their...View Details

Jim Morrison once said, "Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts," and he died in a bathtub.  (Let that soak in for a second.)  Hair is ou...View Details

Pet peeves - we all have them.  Some of us have more than others.  Some of us didn't know we had more than others, until they recorded this podcast.  ...View Details

"Are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. really social, or just a terrible facisimilie?" "Does social media enhance our lives, or does it make us feel w...View Details

Join New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster and Chicago media personality Gina B. as they raise their glasses to the cause of, and solution t...View Details

With Valentine's Day looming, relationship columnist Gina B. and general know-it-all Jen Lancaster share their best romantic advice to get you success...View Details

Chicago media personality Gina B. and New York Times bestseling author Jen Lancaster talk comedy in this episode!  From describing their own first exp...View Details

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